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So excited about the season 10 premiere tonight. That retrospective last night was terrific, hit all the high points, and I loved all the focus on the brothers.

Things I am wishing for in season 10, possibly spoilery:
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Come join us! Meet people who are just as excited as you are! at:

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Thanks so much for hosting      [ profile] lavishsqualor!
Yes, there are still people here on LJ that are maybe as excited as you are about hiatus almost being over, go find them and friend them.  
I just did and I'm looking forward to having even more people to talk to about Show over the next few months.  
Things I want out of Season 8, none are spoilery, just speculation-y based on aired episodes, I'm not basing anything off of those little clips, nope, uh uh, ignoring:
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Did you see the fun spoiler for episode 8.11?
 Under the cut for those avoiding spoilers...

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8.09 bennydeanI was thinking about Benny.  Specifically about Dean and Benny.  And how Dean's got Benny up on the perfect person(vampire) pedestal and how we'll most likely see him fall off of that sooner rather than later.  What would be the most delicious (plot-wise that is) way for that to happen?Read more Benny speculation... )
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Is your heart aching after watching that? Well mine sure is.  Here's why:

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I guess sd this post is pure show speculation based on 8.02, it would be considered spoilery, although it's just me guessing, who knows if any of it will come to pass on show.
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