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I keep telling myself that as I swelter through this hot hot hot summer.

After some serious self-wrangling (I've been hella difficult to manage lately, more than usual, long story) I've nailed down that I'm writing stories for three spn (big)bangs right now:

wincest - this one was hard to decide on, because I've got several wincest stories in process, so I had to narrow it down. I decided to go for one I started writing after one of the season 12 episodes that caught my imagination, so it's sort of an episode coda, but also combining it with a piece of advice I've always wanted the brothers to consider and have had on my to-do/inspiration list for a while. That vague enough, but yet still somewhat tantalizing...hope so?
The artist who chose to work on my story has already sent me some super awesome sketches so I'm even more excited for this one.

spn au - going to use the story I didn't finish in time for the spn-opera challenge a couple years ago. It's pretty wild as are most entertaining opera plots. Translating it into the spn universe was a real challenge.

Dean W - Oh has this ever been fun, writing just from Dean's POV about something I've had on my to-write list for quite awhile.

And I'm also working on a story that takes place immediately post season 12  that I really really want to post before season 13 begins, so far all the spoilers from Comic Con haven't Jossed my story so I'm just going to go for it and finish it up. See how far off I come out as opposed to how the story goes on the show....If there ever was a time to revisit Jesse the Antichrist, now's the time imo.
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Pshew, that was a lot of fic writing and posting almost all at once for me.
In case you missed any of them:

My spn-j2-bigbang which is 28k of first-time wincest set back in the middle of season 6 and begns with Soulless Sam reconsidering the deal the leprechaun offered him to return his soul : Seven Rows of Seven or on AO3

My wincest-reverse-bang which is 7k of re-established wincest thanks to another encounter with dragons:   Fire Into Rain or on AO3

My spn-casefic-bang which is a 12k case fic of established wincest set in season 12: Subjugation Is Its Own Reward or on AO3
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I wrote my little fingers off over the weekend and finished my spn-j2-bigbang story just in time. Started with 4k on Friday and eeked past the required 20k Monday night. I'm kind of amazed with myself really, but I liked the story so much I didn't want to just give up on it you know?
Procrastination and disorganization and maybe doing too many bang thingies at once. *Whines*: Why are all the ones I want to participate in all scheduled for nearly the same time frame?

Anyone out there want to trade some beta work?  I'd love to work with someone on their stories too.

All of these are wincest of varying degrees.
SPN CaseFic Bang - about 10k, Due last week of May
Wincest Reverse Bang - about 6k, Due End of May
SPN-J2-Big Bang - about 25k, Due End of May
Wincest Big Bang - about 10k, due way off in the future...July


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