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Even if you haven't seen the episode yet, just listen to this...
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Oh man, i really didn't think I was going to get there. But I pushed myself to write the last little bit that had been hanging there undone for several weeks (ahem) and turned in my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang last night!

So now I can turn my writing attention to finishing the [ profile] spn_meanttobe story that I've gotten to the halfway point.

And I won't have to waste any time re-watching the episode from last night. Didn't hate it, just kinda meh.
Actually, I want to ask a few questions about the episode and see what y'all think:Very spoiler-y questions: )
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So excited about the season 10 premiere tonight. That retrospective last night was terrific, hit all the high points, and I loved all the focus on the brothers.

Things I am wishing for in season 10, possibly spoilery:
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Did you see the fun spoiler for episode 8.11?
 Under the cut for those avoiding spoilers...

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Yes, I found this episode pretty boring, but I still feel compelled to talk (at length) about it.

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I'm just full of spoiler talk lately aren't I?  This involves one of the on-set pictures for the filiming of episode 8 of Season 8.

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I guess sd this post is pure show speculation based on 8.02, it would be considered spoilery, although it's just me guessing, who knows if any of it will come to pass on show.
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Kinda of spoilery discussion about The Brotherly Bond (mostly about Sam) in season 8 so I'll put this behind a read more.

I haven't read too many recent spoilers but these bits From the Laura Prudhom interview with Carver and Singer are really worth a close read because I think they say a lot about the direction they're taking Supernatural and the Brothers Winchester in season 8.

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