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Just sent off my fic to my artist [ profile] pixymisa (so excited to be working with her!) and now I need some beta help. Anyone feel like going through 15k of Sam/Dean, post 8.23, re-establishing their relationship while figuring out what to do with the angels? Set in the Bat Cave which now comes with bonus salt-water swimming pool...
Other characters include Kevin, Charlie, Crowley, and Chuck.
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It's a mini, it's a bang! Artists and writers needed! Sign ups through June 4. Only 10,000 words.

FYI What you create does not have to be Sam/Dean, it can be Gen, as long as it is focusing on the bond between the two brothers.

Check out the masterlist from last year's mini-bang, so much quality fic in one place, it's a treasure trove.

Yes I signed up again, it was so much fun last year working on Gift Box and getting to work with the fabulous [ profile] colls
Hope you sign up too!

Isn't this banner fabulous? [ profile] lightthesparks , the artist who created the incredible art for my recent story Cream of Negotiation did it, another home run!

 And quick go sign up by Friday the 24th  for [ profile] spnspringfling it's so fun, and you never know what you're going to get as prompts/pairings to write or what you'll receive in return. Last year I wrote Spoonfeed if Necessary for [ profile] verucasalt123  and I received the completely awesome "Say It Loud" by [ profile] checkthemargins
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Fic Title:  Listen To The Heartbeats
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Wordcount:  1,500
Warnings:  Vague spoilers for season 8.
Summary:  Since his previous gifts of hearts didn't go over so well, Dean tries something even weirder.

Read over on AO3.

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Fic Title: Gift Box
Author: [ profile] smalltrolven 
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Characters:  Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Balthazar
Word Count: 18,000

Summary:   Sam and Dean are stuck, really stuck. They’ll have to rely on each other as they never have before to figure their way out of the box they seem to have found themselves trapped in. The biggest complication is that Sam’s got new vision powers and can see their future, together.  Like together together. (Set right after 7.07)

Author Disclaimer:  I own nothing but these little ol’ words.

Author Note:  Written for the [ profile] samdean_otp Sam & Dean Mini-Bang 2012, thanks to the awesome mods running the challenge. Kudos and huzzahs to my wonderful beta [ profile] stella_lost who helped me tremendously with this story.  Many praises and thanks to the artist, [ profile] colls, who chose this story and gave me encouragement and made such great art to go along with it, go check it all out at her lj right here.

gift box poster-1

Read on AO3

 gift box icon4*~*~*Part 1*~*~*gift box icon2*~*~* Part 2*~*~*gift box icon5*~*~*Part 3*~*~*

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I did it! I actually finished enough of my mini-bang to turn it in about 15 minutes before the midnight deadline.  Pshew.
Up until about an hour before I was planning to submit a completely different story which will now be my SPN AU-BigBang instead. It's another season 8 speculative where I answer the question what if Sam saved Dean from Purgatory?  It involves a lot of characters, way more than I've written in a story before, and the majority of the story has Sam and Dean separated so I thought it wasn't as well suited to the Sam & Dean mini-bang.  Although of course (as its me writing), it's very much about how far Sam will go, and what he's willing to do to get his Dean back.

The summaries are up for artist claiming, I can't wait to see which artist I end up getting to work with. I always wonder about the summaries I write for my stories, they're kind of like advertisements to get people to read the story (or want to illustrate it), and I know I forget that sometimes.  Some of these summaries look awesome! I'm really looking forward to reading them all when they get posted.

And now to actually finish the story by the 10th to be able to send a draft to my artist (oh and get it beta-ed too!).
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Now that I've successfully finished BigBang, why not a mini-bang. Maybe it will be easier? How about you? Stories only have to be 10,000. c'mon you know you wanna (and is this banner beautiful or what?):


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