Apr. 4th, 2017

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I am working on importing everything from here over to my account on Dreamwidth. I haven't done a clone import since 2013 so there's a bunch of stuff to port over and I'm in the queue.

The LJ to Dreamwidth importing process is super easy to do after you've set up an account over there (it doesn't work under OpenID you have to have a Dreamwidth personal account.)

The new user agreement we just had to agree to in order to use our LJ accounts has me a little wary (since I can't read Russian so who knows what it really says.)  Some of the commentary I've read about the issue is warning us about the morals issue being enforced. It's all rather vague, but I'd hate to have all my stuff here just disappear.

So...just in case something big changes or they suddenly delete all the wincest accounts, you can find me over here on Dreamwidth and on tumblr here.


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